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Subject:  Fiction Date:  6/12/2002  12:05 AM
Author:  khalou Number:  998 of 3294

As surreal as the moment was, it did happen.

I can get around that idea now.

The events that preceded the moment operated as a funnel that excluded any other conclusion, but however eventual the moment, I was blindsided nonetheless. And what hurts more than that?

She'd been acting a bit, uh, differently for quite some time. Looking back, I suppose it was rationalization on my part- and the infrequency of the behavior on her part- that led to my inactivity. That, and the fact that this sort of thing just didn't happen to normal folks. We were, of course, normal folks if there ever were any. That's probably my best defense at this time, but please withhold judgement until the end.

I don't usually come this clean with strangers, but y'all know how crazy a woman can make you if you don't understand the 'sex'al basics', as my dear departed Dad used to say. "The sex'al basics are this", he'd slur, "women aren't really people. They got a whole dif'rent set of values." My Mother had left us when I was four. I vaguely remember her- a wisp of blonde hair, a comforting hand, and a strange shaking that didn't stop.

And the screaming.

Neither television nor the movies had ever depicted an individual screaming while alone. Not like Mom. She didn't leave, per se. She was 'taken away'. Being very young, it never occurred to me to ask just where the hell 'away' might be. I guess I know now.

And my Father provided my only access to a world-view.

Looking back, I realize he must have been a b