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Subject:  Farewell To The Constitution Date:  6/14/2002  1:24 PM
Author:  Milligram40 Number:  153202 of 2211129

Well, that's it folks - it's over. Welcome to Amerika. Everyone thought Bill and Hillary would have done it - but George and John have done it.

You see FoxNews is reporting that in a closed door session of the Judiary Committee is was decided to hold professed "bad guy" Jose Padilla, "until the War on Terrorism is over."

There will be no civil hearing. There will be no military tribunal. No access to a lawyer. Game over. Period.

Now a couple of things before the usual suspects accuse me of being a terrorist symathizer.

1) Jose Padilla IS a bad guy. He was trained to set off a dirty nuke in Washington, D.C. - had talked about it, and talked about other terrorist acts. No doubt about it - bad guy wanting to do bad things. There is nothing wrong is locking up Jose Padilla and throwing away the key - my concern is how it was done because ---

2) Like it or not, Jose Padilla is a United States citizen born and raised in Chicago. Ya, he was a thug, his buddy stabbed some one to death, but it doesn't change the fact, he is a US citizen and he has "inalienable rights" under the Constitution and among those it includes...

3) A fair and speedy trial. The right to cross examine his accusers. Access to a lawyer. Protection under Miranda. Now, the Judiciary is claiming that they can do this to Padilla because...

4) We are at war and these steps were taken in World War II. Why one American citizen conspirator was actually executed during World War II if you dig through the history under the guise of, "enemy combatant." This would all be well and good and I would agree with it 100% without a wimper about the Constitution implications however...

5) We are NOT at war like we were in World War II. Congress did not put forth a vote that a state of hostilities exists between the United States and [fill in the blank here]. This is why the Constitution has been thrown out the window because...

6) Padilla is being held indefinitely without trial, without access to a lawyer, as an enemy combatant until the War on Terrorism is over - however the war on terrorism has a list of in some cases only vaguely defined enemies and no clear goals. Remember Padilla was talking about doing this - he did not have a dirty bomb with him, he did not have targets, dates, etc. etc. etc. If the Padilla case stands up then how far away are we from...

7) Those that question the actions of the government being held indefinitely as "enemy combatants" until the War on Terrorism is over.

The Russians had a word for it during the Cold War years. It was called a gulag.

Welcome to Amerika. All hail Bush! All hail Ashcroft! Our forefathers are spinning in their graves...

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