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Subject:  Re: OT: staying motivated with decision Date:  6/17/2002  12:23 PM
Author:  TamarianG Number:  130796 of 312189

Oh, Ishtar. Aren't negative family members great?

Listen, we all have things we'd rather not do, that much is true. Shoot, if I could never, ever scrub a bathroom again, I'd be just SO happy. Even the jobs of our dreams is going to have times and tasks we'd really, REALLY rather not do.

But that doesn't mean we shouldn't follow our dreams, or shouldn't pursue what will make us, overall, happy. And I think it is very seldom that what we ultimately want is going to just drop from heaven into our lap - more often, we have to take a risk, leave the firm ground we're currently on and take a leap for the heights.

It is still a great idea to go to school. It is still a fabulous idea to have faith in yourself. It is still the best idea you ever had to take a chance on yourself. Personally, I think it's a pretty sure bet.

You do not have to stay in status quo just because anybody else thinks you should. You have the right to dream, and the will to make those dreams happen, and the full support of your friends here. We'll stand behind you and vigoriously PFFFFFFBT! anybody who says you can't or shouldn't or questions how smart you are, OK?

Hang in there. You're going to make this work, and I'll bet you a burrito than when you do, Gran will stand around saying, "Well, I always knew she could do it, although of course I still say she should(n't) [fill in whatever is currently "foolhardy" in her book here]..."
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