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Subject:  Re: OT: staying motivated with decision Date:  6/17/2002  4:48 PM
Author:  ishtarastarte Number:  130862 of 312187

My daughter can also be that way at times. Children do not see the future, they only see the *now.* Kids also seem to pick up on the vibes around them. My daughter worries if I park the car somewhere (Will we get a ticket, etc), but your attitude can go a long way toward calming Chandra's fears. She needs to feel like you are both in it together. As long as you and she can have special times once you go to school, I think she'll be fine. I think it's natural to fear the unknown, but there is also comfort knowing you are not alone. If you can discuss her fears and get it all out in the open, she'll feel loads better. I think it would also help for her to know that you are not 100% sure how everything will pan out, but that what you are about to embark on will improve both your lives. And try to explain how. She'll also feel better if there is something she can do to help you (in a 6 year old way). That's what I do with Michelle.

Thanks, Lulu!

We've done some of this already, I know I just need to reinforce more.

We talked about maybe having more time together with me in school, maybe hitting the playground a couple times a week (which I'm usually too tired to do now.)

We also talked about me needing quiet time to study and the ways she can help me with that. We made a list of "chores" that she either can do or wants to do (she WANTS to start the washing machine and dryer, for example) and started talking about what I'd need help with.

I thought I had most of her fears calmed down and started working on positives.



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