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Subject:  Re: Political OT: Church v. State Date:  6/28/2002  3:20 PM
Author:  Wolfshead56 Number:  132204 of 312185

Christmas has become as much, if not more of, a secular holiday as a religous one.

To address the obvious intent of your question however, the Constitution was written by men who believed in a God even if not necessarily the god portrayed by the mainstream religions at the time. Even those who did follow organized religions belonged to differnet sects. To avoid the conflicts and injustices that they saw in Europe when the government favored a certain belief above others the part of the First Amendment dealing with the fact that the state shall not show preference to any religion or establish and official state religion was written. To most of these folks a god was a given, mostly Christian or on the order of a Christian God so the arguments over whether god should be mentioned usually didn't come up. The main problem wasn't whether there was a god but in the forms worship took. Even most of those who might have been athiests probably kept in the closet about it to get along with the neighbors and powers that be. In more recent years we have had more immigrants to this country who don't necessarily believe in the Christian version of a god while at the same time those people who have no belief in a god at all have gotten more vocal, thereby all the challenges to references to god where the government is concerned. The price you pay for a free society

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