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Subject:  Re: Political OT: Church v. State Date:  6/28/2002  3:31 PM
Author:  johnmoni Number:  132208 of 312189

"In more recent years we have had more immigrants to this country who don't necessarily believe in the Christian version of a god while at the same time those people who have no belief in a god at all have gotten more vocal, thereby all the challenges to references to god where the government is concerned."

Part of the problems we have in the world is that people do not understand each other. Jews don't understand the Catholics, Catholics don't understand the Muslims, etc., etc. So you wonder why we are all killing each other. Instead of uniting us in a time when we really need it, this action serves to further polarize us against each other. Remember that Twilight Zone episode, "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street?" The aliens stood up on the ridge and watched as the townspeople accused each other of being aliens themselves. In the end the town self destructed (socially) and the aliens never had set foot there. We risk imploding from within. God help us.
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