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Subject:  Re: Political OT: Church v. State Date:  6/28/2002  5:03 PM
Author:  maureenkaplan Number:  132223 of 312187

I've always found the separation of church and state to be a difficult concept to adopt. After all, if you are a christian or a jew or something else, how do you cut off that entire part of yourself when you are at school (state) and then turn it back on once you return home? If I believe in God, I will always believe in God wherever I am.

Agreed. I think the concern more comes from [Presumed Authority] impressing their religious beliefs [Historical example: "Catholics have horns and hooves and are going to H@!%"] on those who don't believe the same things. So, you are free to pray whenever you like, so long as you do so *inside*. Unfortunately, public proclamation of belief often feels to the person hearing as more than simple prozelytization; there is often an "I'm better than you" message that is heard, even when it is not intended.

And I I wonder why people get all bent out of shape by the mere mention of God, yet nobody gets bent out of shape at the mention of Allah, Jehovah, or whoever <fill in the blank>.

Probably because no state-sponsored or affiliated groups mention those names (of which I'm aware). If they did, I think I would object just as much as I do to the mention of God. (Which, as I mentioned before, I don't particularly, but that might be because it's my word. Who knows, I *might* object to "One Nation, under Allah, indivisible... ::grin::)

I guess maybe you have to have been in a situation where you've had someone in authority tell you that you are damned, etc., before you start to feel strongly that it's better to err on the side of cutting religious mention out of state-sponsored activities, rather than having your child come home crying because "you're going to [x]". Yes, the first has happened to me, and no, I'm not willing to risk the last.

Prayer will remain in schools so long as they continue to give tests. - Unk.
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