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Subject:  Re: Political OT: Church v. State Date:  6/28/2002  9:24 PM
Author:  Wolfshead56 Number:  132239 of 312155

This is the second post accusing the guy, or gal as the case maybe I didn't check, of being mean. what's mean about it. they are expressing an honest opinion. I actually agree with it to an extent. I mean this group professes a faith that tell them they are to have nothing to do with governments but are more than willing to take advantage of government programs such as public schools and free lunches. If their faith is such that it prohibits involvement with governments then they should seek alternative means to accomplish the goals. They should form their own schools and start charities among themselves to help the less fortunate among them. Yes it sounds mean spirited because it involves children and low income folks in this instance and yes these things are the right of all tax payers but then one must acknowledge the choice here is between the children and the religion. Myself, I will always choose the children but then I don't profess to have their religious beliefs on govenment. We have a strange group in this area that would rather let their children die than violate their beliefs. Personally I think they are a bit whacked myself but you do have to give them credit for being consistent. They don't make exceptions to their rules even when it's more than inconvenient to do so

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