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Subject:  Re: Political OT: Church v. State Date:  7/1/2002  9:06 AM
Author:  Kilbia Number:  132341 of 312189

Can't have a sucker with a flag on it, but, hey - let me at those free lunches!!


From what I've heard lately, Jehovah's Witnesses see the Pledge of Allegiance as idolatry. And they've got a point - the words are "I pledge allegiance to the flag...". Pagans don't worship trees; they worship the force of nature exemplified by the tree. Christians don't worship the Cross; they worship the deity who was put to death on one. But it's pretty explicit in the pledge of allegiance that you are pledging allegiance to the inanimate object as well as to that which it represents.

So it's not that they're anti-government, necessarily, or for anything the government does for its people. They're just not allowed to make promises to inanimate objects. And I can't fault them that, nor get too upset if they need to extend that belief to not wanting anything to do with the inanimate object to which so many of us have sworn fealty.

- Kilbia
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