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Subject:  Kissing Date:  7/1/2002  8:51 PM
Author:  AAAAmanda Number:  304 of 65633

Here's the thing. I like kissing. A lot. It's not a prelude to a better activity, it's an end in itself.

I've decided that in my next relationship, if the guy can't make my toes curl, I'm moving on to the next one. Shallow, but I've decided that in this one area, I want to be shallow. I can be the open-minded in other areas, I just really miss being kissed well.

So my question for the guys is, under what circumstances would you accept a girl kissing you and then walking away. Or, kissing you (serious lip lock), and then hanging around, but making it clear that she wasn't going to jump into bed with you in the next 20 minutes.

Have you ever kissed a total stranger? Was it a big deal? Were you crushed when they walked off? Did you walk off with no explanation?

I've decided that I want to do this with people I don't know well, because I've tried picturing the conversation that I would have with a friend-maybe-more, and I figure that it would go something like this:

"Wow, what was that about?"
"Well, I just wanted to kiss you."
"Well, c'mere. Let's do it some more."
"Oh, no thanks. I'm kinda hungry. I'll see you later."
"What? You suck out my tonsils and then just leave?"
"Well, it was just an experiment. But hey, I'm done, and I'll see you later."
"What kind of experiment."
"I wanted to see what kind of a kisser you were."
"'d gag a goldfish."

Not good.

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