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Subject:  Re: Curious - Providian is giving me money Date:  7/3/2002  6:14 PM
Author:  VladTI Number:  132580 of 312189

Good luck cancelling your Providian Card. I cancelled mine and they prompty sent me a new card, it took a second call to actually get the thing closed down properly.

As luck would have it exactly the same thing happened with my Home Depot card.

As an aside, i should say that Providian enabled me to get on the 'credit bandwagon' when we landed in this fair country in mid 1999.

No other credit company would touch us with a barge-pole since we had either a 'non-existant' credit history or "too many accounts opened recently" problem. That said i think we'd all agree that they do extract more than their pound-of-flesh in the APR dept.

A sidenote : It's my firm belief (and i think other people have echoed this) that you should always hold 1 or 2 cards just get a credit rating. You cannot begin to imagine the sort of problems you face in day-to-day life when you...

1. Don't have any CCs
2. Don't have a US drivers license
3. Try and use a check-book given #2
4. Try and pay cash for something like a TV and/or HiFi.

Conversations generally went something like...

[Me] - I'll take it, how much is it?
[Assistant] - $399.99 + tax, do you want a warranty
[M] - OK
[A] - How are you paying, CC?
[M] - Nope - dont have one.
[A] - Oh (stlightly bemused), we take checks
[M] - OK
[A] - Can i see your drivers license
[M] - Yep <hands over a UK drivers license>
[A] - OH... Where's the picture...
[M] - A British license doesn't have one (which was true in 1999)
[A] - Oh, I see <then proceeds to try and enter the handy 20 character license number into his register - which of course doesn't fit>
[A] - Nope - this isn't going to work.
[M] - OK, i'll go to the bank and get Cash - Is that OK??
[A] - Let me talk to my mangager...

This whole process became familly entertainment to see the assistant become more and more confused by his/her apparent inability to actually part with good that somebody wanted (and had the means) to buy. Given the incompatible nature of the US and UK electrical (and TV) system i think we bought pratically every 'essential electrical consumer product' in the space of one month.

Apologies for digressing...

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