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Subject:  Aargh! Sprint PCS rant + need advice Date:  7/10/2002  11:14 AM
Author:  reverbbrad Number:  133100 of 309665

I am pretty irritated at the Sprint PCS folks. I want you guys to tell me if I am being ridiculous here (I do want your advice on how to handle this).

I was out at dinner with my mom last night. During an otherwise nice evening out, I got a call on my cell phone from Sprint. They were calling me because they had not yet received payment for their June bill, which was due last Weds (which, by my count, made it 3 business days late). I told him, truthfully, that I mailed out the check a few days ago. Honestly, I don't remember which day, but it went out with my last stack of bills.

The guy on the other end of the phone informs me that:
a) he needs a payment over the phone in order to take me out of their 'system'. If I don't do this, I will receive a call every day from them until they get the check.

b) I need to pay him in order to get taken out of "collections".

c) They cut off service something like 2-3 weeks after a bill is past due.

Since the check was in the mail, I made a credit card payment for this month's bill.

Now, I've had them for a year. I've never paid them late. I really didn't appreciate getting an obnoxious phone call because the mail was slow, or lost,