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Subject:  Saturday was a good day because... Date:  7/14/2002  11:56 PM
Author:  awiseowl Number:  41864 of 44391

1) I achieved my all-time high score on 3-D Pinball on my computer.
2) I went out for dinner with my girlfriend, went back to help her house-sit at her folks' place, and sat out on their back deck to watch either some cool clouds or a cool sunset, whichever happened.
3) I watched some cool clouds.
4) I got engaged.

I felt, and still feel, really good. It had been a long time coming, really, and after the moment passed, I just sat there smiling and thinking, "Well. So this is how it is. Another of life's major milestones realized." I was strangely calm. Actually, it wasn't all that strange that I should be so calm, because there really hadn't been any suspense. After all, I'd managed 7.7 million points on the first ball alone.

The engagement was good, too. The place we went for dinner was the pizza place we went to on our first date seven years ago. We'd been talking about getting married for some months now, and had decided the time had come. There was actually no spontaneity at all- we planned to formalize the engagement Saturday night exactly where and how we did, so we had dressed ourselves respectably, she'd brought along a camera and prepared the house with a dozen roses and wine for toasting, etc. We watched the clouds and faint traces of a sunset for a while, stood up just before dusk to take a "before" picture, I took both of her hands in mine and asked her to marry me, she said "Yes," and we were officially engaged.

This, too, has been a long time coming. Specifically, since a church singles group camping trip in October 1994. Pretty much the entire group had made the two-hour drive to the state park and set up the campsites, except for two friends of mine and the relative newcom