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Subject:  Re: A Key To Early Retirement Date:  7/16/2002  1:32 PM
Author:  friendlygirl Number:  70485 of 874516

It is a question of priorities because independence is attainable if you're willing to make the sacrifices. If you don't want to give
up the fine dining, the fancy car, or the luxurious apartment etc.. that's your choice, however, you should realize that these things
are what may be keeping you from your independence. Realize that these are the things for which you are selling your time.

When it comes down to it all you really need is enough money to pay for a roof over your head, and enough food to eat. Even
these costs can be minimized to as great an extent as you feel appropriate.

I would suggest, rather, that it is a question of reclassifying my needs/wants. I understand that some people may look at their lives and decide that they want the luxurious apartment, fancy cars, etc., but I think that most people (particularly people on this board) don't have what they consider luxurious lifestyles. Rather, it is the distinction that we don't even see, the options that don't even come to mind that prove the true sticking point.

The whole idea of retiring early is on which doesn't even occur to many people. It is an invisible option to them. Many of our "needs" occupy a similarly invisible spot.

For example, consider shelter. Now, I live in a studio apartment, and it just has the basics. So, no luxury here, right?

Now wait a sec. I choose to live in a particular town, close enough to Boston to be part of that ridiculous housing market. Similarly, I choose to live in a studio by myself instead of renting a room or having a multi-BR apartment to share. I have made several choices which make my housing into more than just the bare essentials. It is a matter of my POV whether this apartment is more than that necessary for lodging.

I submit that it is the blindspot that causes the most trouble in savings and LBYM. Only by expanding the options and realizing that your "basic" lifestyle does in fact contain such "luxury" choices will you really be able to scale back. This must be done before you can prioritize and make decisions.

Just my thoughts,
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