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Subject:  Re: Please stop encouraging Mish Date:  7/21/2002  7:27 PM
Author:  dumaflotchie Number:  9562 of 78246


These last few posts have been a bit disappointing. Please allow me a few constructive comments and observations that I hope you will take in the good faith that they are offered:

1) You are a novice investor. I don't mean that in a derogatory sense but the fact is, you just started investing in 2000 as you freely admit. You really have lost your sense of importance in the investment world as you declare that you are the savior who has arrived to offer a previously unrecognized point of view. In fact, your point of view is in the majority and there is nothing you are saying that has not been said by many others well before you were saying it. You somehow now imply that you "can see it is virtually impossible to change peoples beliefs about LTBH, GG principles, stock options, the economy, or in fact anything else." I have seen this same attitude by the longs when we were in a bull run that I liken to an "I'm bigger than the market" attitude that will ultimately make you look bad. In the bull run, we saw the "nugget masters" popping in with this obscure company or that. In your case it is “sell sell sell” as the market continues to tank in the worst bear market in decades. My point is that you enamor yourself by merely happening on a stage that is so far going the direction you spout. The day will come that you will be perceived with far more scrutiny and your actions and comments going forward will allo