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Subject:  HSX Board Room FAQ Date:  7/24/2002  10:30 PM
Author:  redbaron7 Number:  469 of 4152

HSX Board Room FAQ v1.0, Rev. 2.0

Q: What are the rules for the HSX Board Room discussion board?
A: Not many beyond the basic TMF conditions of use regarding abuse, profanity,etc.

HSX is a game. It is just for fun, and so is this board. 'Fun' smack talk is fine -- if you've got it, rub it in -- but flame wars, name calling, offensive language and anything else to make another player deliberately angry or uncomfortable is not allowed. Period.
For an example of 'fun smack talk', see Uhura's post about her Mini-Me, directed at Agent:
and some posts afterwards.

Other than that, do not pump HSX stocks. Shills not welcome!
"Hot News" (casting news, a film has been greenlit, etc) is welcomed, but please include web link(s) to your source(s).

Q: What is HSX?
A: HSX is an online trading game. Players buy and sell stocks and bonds representing real films and actors. The aim is to make as much 'money' as possible.

Q: Where is it?

Q: Does it cost anything?
A: No. Play is free. When you sign up, you are given an initial portfolio of H$2 Million. ("H$" = Hollywood Dollars - ie. about as valuable as Monopoly money)

Q: What does a H$ (Hollywood Dollar) represent?
A: For moviestocks, 1 Hollywood Dollar represents $1 Million at the US box office. Eg. if you think a movie will make $50 Million, then you will expect that movie's shares to eventually be worth H$50 each.

Q: Can I make real money with it?
A: Not really, and we don't personally know of anyone who has done.
HSX do claim to offer prizes though. Also, HSX portfolios are sometimes sold on EBay.
HSX do offer some real money games, but we haven't played them.
Personally I think they look suspiciously like gambling.

Q: Sounds great, where can I find out more?
A: First start by reading the other posts in the box on the right-hand side. The glossary should help with the various terms. Also look at the suggested web links. There are a number of fan sits online. Most have tutorials.

Q: Sounds great, how do I get started?
A: Go over to Sign up. Start trading!

Q: Do you recommend any strategies to get started wit