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Subject:  New and wanting advice Date:  7/30/2002  4:19 PM
Author:  devichan Number:  134994 of 312185

Some of you may have seen me earlier on the LBYM board *waves to those folks* Anyway, I'm Devi, a 30yo mother of one who has been pretty dumb in the past.

Some details: I have no CC debt right now, but that comes from not having had a credit card in ten years. I have a debit card I use for everything, basically paying cash for everything I buy.

My credit score is STILL shot from a car loan. In a case of "dumb trust" I trusted an ex to use the money I was giving him for car payments to pay for the car. (He insisted on handling the money, and I thought I was too dumb to be able to handle it myself. :/) I don't know what he did with the money, but it was only in February I was able to pay it off. Result: as of June 1, only 10% of the people in the country have worse credit than me. It's even worse now because I applied for a computer loan with my employer and was turned down.

I feel like I can't get restarted. I may not have huge amounts of debt to pay down, but my beloved Mustang is aging and while I'm trying to save money to get a new one, I dno't know if I can in time. I have a lovely five-year-old daughter I want to send to college. I have a little in a retirement account, an ING savings account that has a little bit in it, and I'm putting away $150 in savings and $100 toward vacation every month. These are all priorities, and I'm feeling a bit torn and overwhelmed.

Worst of all, I don't really WANT a credit card...but I have to rebuild my credit, or when the car thing happens I won't be able to get one! I'm used to not having one. I'm scared to get one, but I feel like I need to.

I posted to LBYM to get some hints on areas I could shaev my budget. I guess my question here is basically more of wanting support and wondering how I can get a decent secure card, and what secure cards people have has with little hassle. How long did it take you before you could get a "real" card, with which to do more rebuilding?

Thanks in advance for any help and insight.

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