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Subject:  Re: Buying Real Estate in an IRA Date:  7/31/2002  9:34 PM
Author:  TMFTaxes Number:  61064 of 123001

<<Back in late 2000 I felt very confident that the market was heading south (although not how much and how fast, wow!) so I researched wasy to get at my money in my ROTH IRA's. Basically, since the money in there, except the capital gains, was after tax money, I could withdraw it an not generate a taxable transaction.>>

That's basically true with respect to contributions. Conversion funds can be a little bit more tricky. But I'll assume that your research revealed the appropriate answers.

<< In addition, the tax man says that $10k can be used for "first time" home purchases. So, I took $10 from my wife's and mine ROTH acounts, put the