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Subject:  iSwitched Date:  8/8/2002  4:03 PM
Author:  dex22 Number:  9503 of 70437

Hi all,

Well, my new Mac arrived yesterday. Here's my impressions:

The box was wrapped in a liner, so it didn't get scratched up. Lovely. I opened the top and there was a liner card. It had a nice colour picture of the keyboard and mouse. Cute. I lifted it, and found the keyboard and mouse. Unpacking was a joy. The styrofoam mouldings were very thoughtfully designed.

What can I say? The quicksilver Mac is very pretty. Opening the case is a doddle. Everything seems to be laid out sensibly.

Powering up for the first time was a joy. It detected my monitor's capabilities, and asked me some signup info, and invited me to give Apple some money for .Mac. I passed up on that offer - I can do it all with the server sat next to the Mac anyway ;)

My first day's exploits consisted of exploring the OS X interface, and iTunes. I ripped my CD collection, and was surprised (ok, *SHOCKED*) to find that 'ripping' was faster than on my PC, and that included converting to an MP3 - a separate 1 minute per track task on my Athlon XP 1800+!!!

Anyway, it's day 2 and I am playing with iMovie. I have decided to buy Toast 5. I put in an advance order for OS X 10.2 for $99 on the URl someone linked earlier. I'll be getting a Superdrive in the mail any day now.

The only negative was the two hours it took to work out how to cut and paste. The online help and skimpy manual didn't mention the apple key being used instead of CTRL, and I would have preferred they made mention of it - things like this matter when you're asking people to 'Switch' ;)

I downloaded the distributed net client but have been unable to run it, because it insists the application is a document, and can't find a program to load/view it. If anyone can help me with this, please email me privately. This isn't a negative, because it's not a shortcoming of explanation, I just don't know how to do it!

Marks out of ten? Nine. Excellent. Makes the old PC seem quite lame.


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