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Subject:  Re: Need suggestions for disputing rent Date:  8/14/2002  1:06 PM
Author:  reverbbrad Number:  136620 of 309665

Any suggestions?

Disclaimer: I am not a landlord or a lawyer. I have been a tenant in a couple of bad situations, though.

The good news here is that you haven't paid them, so it isn't as though you are trying to recapture money.

If you don't pay them, (and write them a succinct letter saying that their facts are wrong, etc etc), then they only have so much recourse.

1) They can sue you. How much money are they claiming that BF owes? At some point, the trouble of a lawsuit may not be worth it to them.

If they try this, and you get a lawyer, start calling the lawyer whenever you feel like it to 'discuss' the case. Speak slowly.

Work in a story about that time that you bought a plant for the apartment, but forgot to water it, and then your neighbor was noisy, so you took the dead plant and put it at his doorstep with a note saying his noisy metal music killed the plant, and then you got to chatting with your neighbors and had dinner... roasted chicken with potatoes... where was I?

After their legal bills start coming in, the landlord may be less inclined t