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Subject:  Re: Political favors article Date:  10/1/2002  6:52 PM
Author:  FoolishCop Number:  7954 of 10419

When we compare donations to political campaigns from years past to today, and see that things were "so much better" then, we forget that the power of the federal government was so much more limited back then. It was only as the government gave to itself the ability to interfere with the economy and with individual lives in a much larger fashion that the growth of special interests occurred.

Limit the ability of government to muck around with the economy and our individual freedoms and you will limit the amount the corporations--and individuals--will want to contribute to politicians. Everyone now wants to make sure it's someone else's bull that's being gored, but if government were once again restrained we'd see a lot less "influence peddling." Sadly, now that the toothpaste is out of the tube, it's very hard to get it back in.

Thanks, Selena, for getting us all wound up! ;)

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