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Subject:  Re: trendVUE Pro shutting down - other mentors? Date:  10/1/2002  8:45 PM
Author:  AereoPlain Number:  777 of 794


Thanks for the link to the chat room; I'll check it out. I would like to point out that I basically agree with everything you said in your message. However, I am actually interested in doing more than just "paying someone for trading picks", and in my brief time as a TrendVUE subscriber, I've found that you can get a lot more out of the subscription than simply a list of picks and someone to tell you when to get in and out. I feel that I'm in a stage of my trading career where a mentor or coach could actually help teach me how to fish rather than just giving me a fish, so to speak. I've read a number of books and will continue to read more, but it seems that some things might be learned much more rapidly by watching a good mentor during market hours. It seems that it can be win-win - they get their subscription $ from you, and in return they may save you much more money than the cost of the subscription by helping you to avoid basic mistakes before you make them.

I've actually made only about 2-3 trades (all intraday) in the 2-3 weeks I've been a subscriber to trendVUE. During this time, Teresa and Paul have made probably dozens of trades. What I'm trying to say is that I get a lot more from my sub. by watching them trade than by just blindly mimicking their trades. I see this subscription as a "class" that I'm taking as part of my trading education. As long as I subscribe with the attitude that I'm going to use this material to better myself as an independent trader, then I think I'll be better off for the experience.

BTW, trendVUE does not claim to have some "super secret system" to beat the mkt. They use classic TA and strict money mgmt and risk mgmt principles, and they seem to be concerned with teaching subscribers how to trade for themselves. Maybe they've just suckered me with their slick marketing, but I feel I'm learning how to trade. When I no longer feel that's the case, or when I've learned all they have to offer, I'll cancel my subscription.

Thanks again for the response,

P.S. Your following statement sums up the very reason why I believe a good trading mentor could be very helpful in futures trading:

Futures can literally wipe you out in less than a day - and I don't care how big your account is.

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