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Subject:  Re: Goofy Date:  10/3/2002  11:38 AM
Author:  FlyingCircus Number:  79697 of 838014

I believe the government has the power of taxation, and that it has used it fairly well over time. As evidence I look around and notice that we live in the richest country in the world, and that much of our advantage comes from the various infrastructures...
Bulls**t. Nearly all of the above items were paid for by private investment, user fees (and gasoline taxes for the successful, if exhorbitant, highway system) and private initiative. The national government may have taken action not to stand in their way, but they weren't paid for by income taxes nor run/operated by the government. Nearly every actual tax-funded enterprise you could care to look at that involves direct government/bureaucratic involvement is a raging, money losing failure. As the Nobel economist Ma