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Subject:  Re: Political favors article Date:  10/6/2002  5:59 PM
Author:  jamesoid Number:  7969 of 10419

Text of email sent to my Congressional Reps. on 25 Sep.

One of the great strengths of the Constitution is the recogniton of the rights of the individual against the tyranny of the group. Corporations are not constitutionally enfranchised with the power of the vote but have, through power of the lobby and compaign contributions, usurped power from Constitutionally empowered Citizens and individual owners of public corporate entities.

I am concerned that attempts are being made to weaken the Sarbanes-Oxley Act by lobbyists pursuing the narrow interests of corporate sponsors. Specifically as of this writing regarding loans to corporate officers. The language prohibiting such loans is coincident with the interests of the owners of public corporations.

Corporations whose efforts often contradict the needs and desires of their true owners are not the true constituents of elected representatives and by these efforts show their true and rather antisocial and perhaps un-American tendencies. This activity is not only an insult to but is also a cancer in the integrity of the legislative process. Of course, I know that you are aware that the only entities to which elected representative are accountable are the voting individuals from their respective States and Districts but the perception of venal corruption taints honorable members of Congress whenever the interest of Corporations are served over the needs and desires of the Electorate. This is eroding confidence in the performance of our Capitalist Democratic Republic.

I respectfully urge you to stand against this progressive shift in the balance of power, not only in this instance but in EVERY instance when the needs and desires of the duly empowered citizens are thwarted by the narrow interests of corporations who do not have the rights of individuals so granted by the Founding Fathers.
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