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Subject:  The Novice Date:  10/9/2002  3:11 PM
Author:  opentolearn Number:  4805 of 36327

Hi all,especially Charlie:

Well I went to my library to see if I could look at Moody's and S&P (to start learning how to read the tables)and they don't have it. Many of the libraries close to me are closed for remodelling, so my next step in my education was to go to various web sites - and here are some questions.

I went to Fitch Corp site and looked up Corporate Bonds. They have a large list (not all because I couldn't find GE or Pfizer when I put in their name).

I found Home Depot. They gave their short term and long term grade(AA, stable long term, short term F1) and showed a Cuisip and ISIN number and date of issue, I also found Walmart and many others.

They had two notations on some of the companies Senior Debt and Senior Unsecured (what does that mean).

I then went to a site called BONDTALK. com, and got Yield Charts for Treasuries, Municipal and Corporate Bonds. giving Maturity, Yield, Yesterday, last week, last month, price, yield change, Price Change.

I went to their corporate page found nothing for Walmart, but two entries for Home Depot (as well as other bonds). They showed two for HD, Grade Aa3/AA. They have 100, coupon 5.375, matures 06, yield 2.62
LY (what does that mean) 2.62, price 109.049.

I went to Bondinformation on Yahoo and found HD, coupon 5.375, matures 4/1/06 dated 4/12/01, 10/1/01 settlement 10/15/02, quantity av. 100, order 100, price 109.25 y/m 2.629, current yield 4.92.
Net money: 109024.82, accrued interest 209.03, total 109233.85

I know that it's a premium if it's over 100, and the interest is what's paid to the owner that is selling the bond.

I went to Bondsonline. They have a new issues page i.e. Boeing, maturity 10/15/08 coupon 4.6. yield 4.6. non calleable, minimum $1000

I also found the Walmart Bond: coupon 6.87, matures 8/10/09, yield 3.833
ly 3.833, price 118.09

InvestinginBonds; NASd BOND INFO. gave

Walmart (I put in the cuisp number I had found) most recent trade 10/8/02
recent price 116.645, high price 118.125, low price 115.25

As I said earlier I am looking to switch my portfolio by the end of the year to a new brokerage (probably on line) and am interested in some bonds, so I was trying to come up with something I could ask a broker how much it would cost me to buy/sell the bond, so I could see were it was best for me to set up an account. I am so confused and at this time am reading, looking up sites in an attempt to be able to ask questions when I speak to a broker. Help. You can see I am so scattered, but I'm trying.
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