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Subject:  Re: problem post Date:  10/15/2002  5:38 PM
Author:  dovbaer6 Number:  1021 of 22876

Hi Tuni and Cornfolio,

Ironicfelix is actually one of my favorite Fools, which I guess puts me sort of opposite of you Tuni, since you have p-boxed him. Hey, we can have a friendly disagreement on this, right:)?

He is an interesting character. He is not Jewish, but he has lived in Israel for a while and has some kind of business there. He is well connected, having been at various events where senior Israeli politicians like Sharon and Peres have also attended. He is well read and articulate. He has Jewish, Christian and Muslim colleagues.

But, he hammers Israeli policy almost every day. Unlike some of the other Israel bashers, I don not believe that IF is antisemitic. I find his posts well thought out and he provides links to various sources, inclduing Israeli papers to make his points.

I have tangled with IF many times in the past year over Israeli policy. His position I believe is pretty close to that of the 'Peace Now' group of Israelis.

The difficulty I have in dealing with IF is that he is able to point out the contradictions in current Israeli policy, he is good at making analogies between radical Islamists and the most violent settlers (like Baruch Goldstein and Yigal Amir).

As a Jew, I do not want to close my eyes to possible crimes that my people may be doing. I think the Sharon government is not interested in peace and wants to turn the occupied territories into a Palestinian Bantustan. This is a recipe for long term disaster, imo, and is also unjust. IF may be relentless in his pounding, but he has a point. Do we only want to here opinions of those who agree with us? And if he is pointing out injustices on the Israeli side, do we want to just sweep them under the rug?

If you are looking for antisemties, well I could name a few on PA, but then this post might get pulled (what the hell, I'll name names anyway. Homelandsecurity, jewguy, jerrycologna, and the infamous mykismet are blatent antisemites, imo. I'm saving my cyber battles for them. With IF, I'll just argue).



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