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Subject:  Waking up Equifax - How? Date:  10/24/2002  3:51 PM
Author:  Cptbutton Number:  143709 of 312137

Equifax is ignoring me.

Residents of Georgia like me are entitled to two free copies of our credit report a year. Transunion and Experian have complied with my requests after some prodding.

On 06Jun2002 I sent Equifax a request for a copy of my credit report by postal mail with documentation. I got no response of any kind.

On 18Aug2002 I sent them a letter asking why they hadn't responded. I got no response of any kind.

On 25Sep2002 I sent them a letter asking why they hadn't responded, certified mail, return receipt requested. After a week or so, I received the receipt back with a stamped signature and dated 27Sep2002. I have received no other response.

As of Monday that will be over a month since I know they got a letter, and almost 5 months since this all started.

Equifax has carefully set up their website and phone systems so that it is impossible to communicate with them in unless you have already got a copy of your credit report. And the "order by phone" section won't talk to me it says my SSN and/or street number is incorrect.

Lovely little "Catch-22" setup there.

I'll be damned if I'll pay them for what they are legally required to give me for free. Although I suspect that is what they want here.

What do I do now?

Sending more postal mail seems unlikely to do any good.

There is a Equifax building in Atlanta I see from the highway. While I could go there in person, I'd really not, I have trouble remaining calm when greedy scumbags lie to me about my personal welfare, which seems the most likely prognosis.

But the only other thing I can think of is to hire a lawyer to sue them. Which would be expensive, even if it works (assuming a lawyer will want to do something so trivial).

Does anyone know what the magic trick is to get them to cough up?

Is there anywhere I can complain to, that will actually accomplish anything?

(There is a complaint form at the FTC website but they clearly indicate that they won't do anything for you, they just build file for future class actions or some such.)

Anyone have any suggestions or relevant experiences?


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