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Subject:  Lil ole fishes Date:  10/31/2002  11:43 AM
Author:  ColonelCAF Number:  12519 of 83809

Down heah in Loozyanna sum o' dem smart folk ovah to de Alex U (ain't dey doin' good at dat footsball, jus' ask dem fellows frum Flowrider) decided dat dey would do some search 'n research on summa dem fishes dat is in de Sout' Pacific 'roun dem coral reefs dat have growed to be able to shake off de pizens in de sea anemone's sting, 'n den dey can stick close to dat creature 'n de udder fishes which wants to eat dem cain't git near dem 'n dey kin hide real good. Waal, now during dat researchin' way down dere dey foun' demseffs wan o' dem fishes dat decided he gonna do tings differnut. Wan day he jus' swum away frum his frien' de protectin'