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Subject:  Lil ole fishes Date:  10/31/2002  11:43 AM
Author:  ColonelCAF Number:  12519 of 84301

Down heah in Loozyanna sum o' dem smart folk ovah to de Alex U (ain't dey doin' good at dat footsball, jus' ask dem fellows frum Flowrider) decided dat dey would do some search 'n research on summa dem fishes dat is in de Sout' Pacific 'roun dem coral reefs dat have growed to be able to shake off de pizens in de sea anemone's sting, 'n den dey can stick close to dat creature 'n de udder fishes which wants to eat dem cain't git near dem 'n dey kin hide real good. Waal, now during dat researchin' way down dere dey foun' demseffs wan o' dem fishes dat decided he gonna do tings differnut. Wan day he jus' swum away frum his frien' de protectin' sea anemome, sayin' dat he wuz gonna fin' anuuder place to hide his lil ole seff.

He swum hisseff down to de rocky bottom an' he fin' a lil ole crack 'tween sum rocks dat look jus' 'bout de rat size. He say, "OOOHHHHWWWEEEE! Ah tink dis mought be de place." an' he swum in dere. He jus' barely git stahrted in dere when he foun' hisseff face to face wit wan o' dem badass moray eels. He jus' shifted hisseff into dat fassest reverse dat he had an' backed outta dere sum quick. He tawt dat it shore were lucky dat he din' be a meal for de eel. Den he tink, "Waal, maybe Ah hide mahseff in wan o' dem empty shells dat am layin' 'round. He fin' a nice big wan dat he figgered would do fohr him 'n
even have some room fohr a lady frien' iffen he got hisseff lucky nex' Sattiday night at de fais-de-do. Waal, when he started nosin' roun' dere wan o' dem big grouchy crabs start to come outta dat shell 'n our lil ole fishes frien' he jus' git de hell outta dere 'fore dat crab
kin git him in dem pinchers. By dis tam, he been swimmin' 'n lookin' fer so long dat he really gittin' tahred. He tawt 'bout goin' back to his frien' de sea anemone but it were a long way 'n he din't tink he could mak it. After driftin' wit de current fohr a while he look
'n see dat he was in a coral bed dat had 'most de same colors as him did. He swum a lil furder into dem coral fronds 'n he wuz hid jus' perfect like ... even better dan wit his frien' de anemone. He jus' den fall asleep n' snooze real good all night long.

De nex' mohrnin' come 'n he hadn't been wit his anemone all night. Sum uv dem udder fishes dem, dey decided to go look for him. Dey hunted everywhar for him, dey swum all over 'n dey call his name, (which wuz Maurice) but dey doan' could found him. Finally dey figgered dat he mus' by now be swimmin' 'round in a shark belly. Dey jus' now hear
him calling dem. Dey look all 'round, but dey doan' could see dat ole Maurice nowhere --- he so good hid by dat coral fronds he wuz. 'N to tell de trut, he wuz havin' a good tam foolin' wit his friens, he wuz. Finally, he swum out frum dat coral reef 'n dem fronds 'n dey see him. Dey all get real close 'n tell him how glad dey is dat he ain' a piece o' shark bait or gittin' stewed in sum Cajun's seafood gumbo 'n all dat. Dey laff real good at de joke dat he play on dem.

Den dey tolt him dat he better git hisseff back home wheah he be safe. He den say, "Naw, Ah lak dis new place 'n Ah feel real good 'bout bein' heah. Ah tink Ah stay here 'n Ah kin jus' hide in dese heah coral fronds." Den wan moah tam dey tries to tolt him dat heah be's better off back home wheah he wuz raised 'n reared. Den wan moh tam he tolt
dem ...... Are yuh ready for diss???

Really ready .... it's good enough foh wan loud groooaaan.....

scroll down .....

"Atter all," he 'splained, "wit fronds like dese, who needs anemones??"
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