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Subject:  Re: Poll: Patient Information Date:  11/5/2002  8:57 PM
Author:  rshunter2 Number:  270 of 897

Just today I was at the pharmacy picking up a prescription. There was a gentleman there picking up a new prescription for amoxicillin who asked for the pharmacist to come to the desk to explain how to take the medication.

There was one of those harried pharmacists who finally came over to help him and said just that you take it every xx hours as needed. He had to force her to give him a little more information, like could he take it with food or what other instructions there were. She just said take it with plenty of water. There was not even a mention of finishing the entire prescription, and the pharmacist acted like she was being asked something unreasonable, like any idiot should know how to take this stuff.

I was irritated with her even though I wasn't the one being treated poorly. It would have taken even less time for her to do her job and explain thoroughly than the "pulling teeth" grudging response she finally gave.

Yes, there is lots of room for improvement when it comes to the antibiotics.

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