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Living, Coping, Improving / Moving Out of the Fast Lane


Subject:  being and becoming Date:  11/14/2002  6:39 PM
Author:  jeanpaulsartre Number:  924 of 5820

Hello. I haven't been to this board before. To arrive here, I followed a link from the site's email that features certain posts.

The idea of "the fast lane", and jumping careers for something more closer to the bone is what intrigues me with this place at the moment.


I've been a writer since I was nineteen. I'm forty-five now. I don't consider myself retired, but I also haven't worked for any wages in about a year-and-a-half. I may return to "work" soon, but then again I've said that before.

In my adult life, I've probably worked for some kind of wages in roughly half of it. The rest of the time, I've been writing. And often, when I've been writing, I've also been earning through writing. But these various relationships, how I get money from what, have been entirely unimportant to the practice of my vocation.

Whatever happens in the immediate future, I'll be out of the "fast lane", if "fast lane" implies profession, or, even more dreadfully, career. For me, there's quite a difference between a