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Subject:  Selena's article, continued Date:  11/25/2002  11:08 AM
Author:  TMFSelena Number:  887 of 2883

For anyone interested, I tried to promote the world of gaming a bit in today's Fool on the Hill article:

Here's a little more of the article, that didn't manage to get squeezed in -- you might find some useful stuff below:


If you're now interested in learning a little more about the vast array of games available to you, here are some leads:'s 50 Top-rated Games

The Internet Top 100 Games List

BoardGameGeek's Top 50 Games

Note that some are probably best for more experienced gamers, as they're a bit more complex. For what it's worth, here's my current list of games I've read about and hope play or own one day: Carcassonne, Modern Art, Through the Desert, Taj Mahal, Medici, Settlers of Catan, Ra, Acquire, Torres, Lost Cities, Samurai, Bohnanza, Mu, Hare and Tortoise, Cosmic Encounter, Liar's Dice, Schotten-Totten, Battle Cry, Can't Stop, Elfenland, Battle Line, Apples to Apples, High Society, TransAmerica, Wyatt Earp, San Marco, Kahuna, Hera & Zeus, Illuminati, Traumfabrik, Zertz, Expedition, 6 Nimmt!, Wizard, Royal Turf, Twixt, Time's Up, Pueblo, Dvonn, Guillotine, Blokus, Africa.

You can read all about most of these at the wonderful game retailer, ( It has a nifty search feature, too, with which you can look for various kinds of games:

Resources for You

Finally, here are a few last resources for you.

-- The Fool's own Card and Board Games discussion board:
There are also many gaming groups on Yahoo!, such as:
KinderSpielFrieks (about children's games)
[I hope I don't drive anyone away from *this* board with these pointers!]

-- Some games retailers:
Boulder Games
Fair Play Games
Sundown Games

-- Here's a great list of links to all kinds of information and resources:
and another nice list:

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