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Subject:  Re: OT: Yet Another Good-Bye Date:  12/1/2002  7:03 AM
Author:  opentolearn Number:  5457 of 36325

Hi Charlie:

Good luck on your new venture. I will really miss you. Although I am much more of a lurker, as a beginning bond learner, I have really enjoyed your comments. In my opinion you have been the main instigator of getting this board going, whether it be giving information, asking a question that makes people think, or "batting heads", the board won't be the same without you.

Have you read"Your Money or Your Life" by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin, they write a lot on "How Much is Enough? The Nature of Fulfillment" They equate fulfillment with purpose and pose various questions, such as Did I receive fulfillment, satisfaction and value in proportion to life energy spent. Is this expenditure of life energy in alignment with my values and life purpose. How might this expenditure change if I didn't have to work for a living. I particularly liked their concept of a Fulfillment Curve and "that interesting place at the peak of the fulfillment curve they call "enough". You have enough for your survival, enough for your comforts and even some special luxuries with no excess to burden you unnecessarily. Enough is a powerful and free place. According to them, not recognizing "enough" will lead to a downward trend where one is never fulfilled, but expanding more and more life energy in an attempt to fulfill a bottomless pit. I dont explain it as eloquently as they do, so I hope you will read their book. I read it awhile ago and now I think I will read it again.

Good luck to you. Please check in. The board won't be the same without you.

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