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Subject:  Re: The mystery that is Apple Retail Date:  12/30/2002  8:20 PM
Author:  TheBMann Number:  80551 of 208497

The successful computer retailers which are left, like Best Buy, don't do any of these things. -- Plato90s

And that's why they suck. Plain and simple.

The idea that you can go into Best Buy (or practically anywhere, FTM) and actually receive viable guidance as to your purchase is utterly ludicrous.

Perhaps the hard sell is a proven way to sell electronics to morons, ie., the majority of computer/electronics purchasers at the Best Buys of the world...but it's not the Apple way.

And I don't want it that way.

What you understand, Plato, you understand very well. What you don't understand, however, well...

Apple cannot simply follow the footsteps placed before it by computer retailers. It cannot survive that way and has not survived that way up until now.

We can certainly argue exactly how successful Apple *really* is but that's not the point in this discussion.

Just as with everything, Apple has to be different with regards to retail and the common "wisdom" of the day. Speaking only for myself, I absolutely detest Best Buy because the friggin' place is like trying to cross your legs in an airline seat. You hit a fat guy going up, knock over somebody's drink going over and get smacked upside the head going down.

I adore retail outlets with oversize. And I suspect there are enough people out there that agree with me to make it worth Apple's while.

Just because it's different doesn't mean it WON'T succeed.


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