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Subject:  Re: Any pros around here? Date:  1/8/2003  12:19 PM
Author:  redbaron7 Number:  169 of 186

USGS? Where?

A large municipality in the SW US that has better water supplies than the media thinks :-)

Ah okay. I still think of Government == Federal :-)
I was asking because I did my MSc project with the USGS guys out at Menlo Park, California.

We're still doing the voluntary conservation thing, though, just because it looks good. I am getting tired of people commenting about the green golf courses, though. They're watered with reclaimed water--that's a steady supply so long as we keep flushing our toilets and washing!


There's a lot of talk here in the DFW area of building *more* resevoirs.
There's quite a lot of building going on in suburbia though.
In 20 years time a couple of towns might disappear beneath the waves.
(on the plus side that would be more local State Parks, although the resevoir parks tend to be for boating with very little hiking)

Not much has been said about reclaiming water, so I don't know how much is (or isn't). I know a lot of irrigated water is wasted. Water meters would quickly ensure shop/house owners would quickly fix the broken sprinklers! :-)

Or the people who water during the midday sun. If watering plants during midday back in the UK can scorch plants, I'd hate to think what it does in Texas!


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