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Subject:  Dinosaur Valley Date:  1/9/2003  11:52 AM
Author:  redbaron7 Number:  175 of 186

We're heading down to Dinosaur State Valley State Park nr. Glen Rose, TX on Saturday, in what is becoming an annual event.

MrsRB (biomarcy) teaches an inter-term class on Evolution, and this is usually early January. It is a pretty intensive class, with lectures every day, but she includes a field trip to the above State Park. The course has grown from a handful of people in cars to hiring a coach (which I prefer - I don't like driving Texan distances!).

We usually spend a few hours at the State Park. Last year I gave them a little spiel in the visitor's centre about what it was like in the early Cretaceous. That there are two kinds of dinosaur footprints found,etc.
Take photos by the large reconstructions - from some World Fair I think. Anyway both are wrong. The Brontosaur (Apatosaur) has the wrong head and a very 'lazy' tail. The TRex is very head-up/tail down like Godzilla.
And of course, neither are found in the Glen Rose Formation :-)

Then we wander down the river. What footprints are visible vary from year to year, but there are usually some good ones. The Sauropod ones vary, but there are usually some good therapod ones. You can usually see where the 'talons' (toenails? lol) have sunk into the mud.
Wandering up the hillside, we get some good views over the river, and we usually find some reef deposits.

Pretty laid back as geology trips go of course, although sometimes we have to fight the river. Last time the course was later in the year and the river was in flood - above knee level wading. This Saturday it is meant to be cold.

Near the entrance there's the "Creation Evidence Museum" - yes the one which was on the Daily Show last year! I don't usually go in because I don't like giving money to such people. However, MrsRB takes the students in so they "see both sides". Sometimes the students come out shaking lol! :-)
And last year we had a number of Catholic theology students. Although they didn't have to take the course they thought it was in their interest to as "we're going to be asked about this" etc. Anyway, they had a very dim view of the interpretation of the Bible provided in the museum! :-)


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