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Subject:  A Tale of Two People Date:  1/10/2003  12:01 PM
Author:  Domingoknife Number:  13374 of 53868

I was at your friendly neighborhood apothecary yesterday, when an elderly gentleman comes up to my window and politely asks if he could ask me a few questions. He was on Medicare, and from what I gathered about his situation there have been some changes in his plan so that he has to pay an extra 40 dollars a month for something or other. Apparently, if you were born between around 1918 and 1926 or so, your Social Security benefits are reduced or something—I didn't understand that part, as I am certainly no expert in government benefits. I told him that his best bet was to call Social Security and ask them what has been changed and go from there.

We chatted for another few seconds, and he asked me if I had a minute—he wanted to show me a picture. He asked me if I'd heard of the movie Memphis Belle, which I have seen, and said that he was stationed with the outfit depicted in the movie. He produced a picture of himself at 18