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Subject:  Ladylike Donations 2003 (rambling/links galore) Date:  1/15/2003  3:08 PM
Author:  snippee Number:  1117 of 3081

Fate, apparently, has been pushing me to post something about this, if recent events tell us anything. Something i've been meaning to do, anyway...

Last year, i almost missed the deadline to donate some dresses, jewelry and makeup to the Glass Slipper Project in Chicago - an organization that collects such items so underpriveleged girls can attend their proms in style:

According to the website:

the program (in Chicago) is reopening in January 2003. Here is a list of other such programs in other areas:

ANYWAY. These programs obviously accept prom-type dresses - especially size 16 and greater. However, they also have a need for other stuff, such as:

formal shoes, purses, jewelry, unopened cosmetics and unopened hosiery

Under cosmetics, i might include those glycerine soaps i got at Bath & Body Works back in November, since i didn't use them for the Elf project:

Also, yesterday at Walgreens, Loreal makeup was free after rebate - AND i had a $2 coupon. I couldn't resist, even though i don't know if i want it. Luckily, my Fairy Elf reminded me that i can send it to the Glass Slipper Project if i decide not to use it.

Incidentally, sassygirl6 had just posted about her gigantic stock of stockings:

In a subsequent post, she mentioned that she was going to donate the hosiery to a women's shelter, which i applaud. When i e-mailed her about the Glass Slipper Project, she said she's got lots of costume jewelry for the cause.

Others in the past have mentioned donating the makeup and perfume samples (in "odd" colors) tha