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Subject:  Re: And now for the rest of my life!! OT! Date:  1/18/2003  10:53 PM
Author:  FuskieFool Number:  149647 of 312187

My niece turned 4 today. If she could think beyond her Barbie in the Pool and chocolate cake "with lots of colors", I am sure she would wish you a Happy Birthday - and say you are SO OLD! <grin>

She is so dramatic for a 4 yr old.

Speaking of Florida, I recently booked my 10th annual Atlanta Braves Spring Training trip to Florida, the 6th yr at Disney World. Basebally by day, Pleasure Island by night. Now true, Disney is no cheap ticket, but this is my one vacation of the year, and I begain saving for it immediately after the last trip (direct deposit to a savings account with my credit union) so the I already have it half paid for, and the rest I can carry out of disposable cash.

Other than my current battle with Blue, my credit card situation is fine. All my debt (besides car and home) is in an equity line at 4.25% on which I am paying interest plus principle each month. I do not think I it is a problem (I am using only 20% of the equity line and my home has appreciated some 66% since I took opened it (according to my property tax valuation).

Still, I am concerned that much of it is consumr-related and not equity-building but it has been a tight couple of years (I work for and own some of that stock that lost 85% over the last 2 years. I am positioning my retirement fund to take advantage of any recovery, and I have hopes the company will rebound late this year. I realize that my problems are ones of perception compared to the truly difficult situations many of the posters here are facing.

I have been reading here the last few weeks, especially about you, Wild, and I think the biggest lesson I have learned is that with the right attitude, I can weather anything. Either you are one terrific writer of reality fiction or you are a special someone who has looked their demons in the eye, swallowed there pride, and decided to open their life for the education of all who want to listen.

I do not know if you will consider yourself a winner with still so much left to do, but I think you should. When I grow up to be old and 50, I want to be just like you!

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