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Subject:  Check-in - some positive thoughts (VERY LONG) Date:  1/26/2003  11:58 AM
Author:  HoosierDeb Number:  6054 of 15011

Hi all, I'm back with a new name. Those of you who know me on other boards, I was lessob and now I'm HoosierDeb.

Feels like a much more fitting name (especially since the other was very much associated with my ex-hub).

These last two weeks have been a roller-coaster. Without meaning to, I was crying on the phone with my parents nearly every night, until about Wednesday of this week.

A lot of this had to do with my law school grades, which just came back.

I am finally able to say what they are, and not flinch too much. For those of you who were anal overachievers in school, you will understand how bad grades can put you in bed for a time.

Some background:
I was an "A" student all through school. I got a "C" one semester in sophomore-year Chemistry, which would have destroyed me if I hadn't known that the teacher was an idiot who coached football on the side and made sure to help the football players and cheerleaders, but told everyone else who struggled that they were just "dumb."

College was not a breeze, but I did very well - kept a 3.9 in my major, and a 3.8 overall. I studied abroad at Oxford for a semester where I earned A's.

I chose a 2nd tier law school, even though I could get into a 1st tier school. I did this for financial and academic reasons. I got a full ride at my school, and I figured that at a top school, I might "only&q