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Subject:  Zwingli Date:  1/28/2003  7:48 PM
Author:  GoldRushs Number:  226 of 301

It is our conviction that the Reformation of the Christian church and uprising of the famous Protestants of the times was God's work, because the break from the Roman Catholic traditions and papistry happened in different places, through different men, at almost the same time.

Ulrich Zwingli was born in Switzerland in 1484, only seven weeks after Martin Luther was born! These two Reformers would not meet until later in life during the midst of the Protestant movement, but as Luther brought spiritual light to Germany, so Zwingli brought the light of the Holy Scriptures to the Swiss.

In his earlier years, Zwingli was more of a philosopher, interested in the humanities, than a theologian, but he was also a Roman Catholic priest and Pastor in Glorus for ten years. To quote the Christian historian, Philip Schaff, "He (Zwingli) did not pass through a severe stuggle and violent crisis (of conversion) like Luther, but by diligently seeking and searching, he attained to the knowledge of the truth. His conversion was a gradual intellectual process, rather than a sudden breach with the worl