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Subject:  I quit Date:  1/28/2003  9:53 PM
Author:  TamarianG Number:  51185 of 86689

I'm having A Day. First of all, I had a sewing class last night and my husband had a UNIX class, and when I got home the babysitter needed a ride home and my husband was in what is, for him, an EXTREMELY rare bad mood - his class was a disaster of miscommunications and mess-ups. So he rages that he's still got homework to do and he isn't going to put any of the kids to bed NOR is he going to take the babysitter home and so just DEAL. (While I was listening to his rant about the class and the Internet worm that had hit the SQL Server at work [and I very nobly refrained from mentioning that I had mentioned that it was happening AS it was happening], the babysitter God bless her quietly took the last child up to bed.) So, I got to bed about 10:30 and couldn't get to sleep, and then the alarm went off at 3:30 as usual. So, I'm starting the day grumpy and tired.

Then Number Two daughter had a diaper leak and I had to change the crib sheets and scrape together a load of laundry to wash them. Then she peed in the potty, declared herself done, and then promptly peed on ME while I was manuevering her back to the diaper table to put a clean one on her. ARGH. Change the clothes, decide that since it's so 'fresh' they can just go into the load already halfway through the wash cycle.

She then goes into the playroom and promptly HITS t