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Subject:  I blame Nitpicker Date:  1/29/2003  11:46 PM
Author:  WonderPup Number:  4562 of 31499

My road to learning about low-carbing has been a long and twisted one.

I first heard of Dr. Atkins about 4 years ago. A partner at my firm that I was friends with went on the Atkins diet. Having never heard of it, I searched out the web that afternoon. "Absurd," I thought. "Nothing but fatty meat. I hope he gets a volume deal with an angioplasty specialist." Sure, this partner ended up losing some weight, but there's no way that could be healthy, of course.

Later on, I discovered the Fool. Since sooner or later, any imaginable topic will eventually rise on LBYM, the subject of diets came up. I don't remember the details of the discussion any more, but I had this vague recollection of someone bringing up the low-carb diet. "Hmm, one of THOSE people," I thought.

A while later, the topic rose again, and sure enough, out of the woodwork pops this person. EditorialWe, her name was. "She must be insane," I thought. "She's actually going to try to defend this low-carb diet thing? Everyone knows Atkins will knock you dea