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Subject:  I blame Nitpicker Date:  1/29/2003  11:46 PM
Author:  WonderPup Number:  4562 of 32262

My road to learning about low-carbing has been a long and twisted one.

I first heard of Dr. Atkins about 4 years ago. A partner at my firm that I was friends with went on the Atkins diet. Having never heard of it, I searched out the web that afternoon. "Absurd," I thought. "Nothing but fatty meat. I hope he gets a volume deal with an angioplasty specialist." Sure, this partner ended up losing some weight, but there's no way that could be healthy, of course.

Later on, I discovered the Fool. Since sooner or later, any imaginable topic will eventually rise on LBYM, the subject of diets came up. I don't remember the details of the discussion any more, but I had this vague recollection of someone bringing up the low-carb diet. "Hmm, one of THOSE people," I thought.

A while later, the topic rose again, and sure enough, out of the woodwork pops this person. EditorialWe, her name was. "She must be insane," I thought. "She's actually going to try to defend this low-carb diet thing? Everyone knows Atkins will knock you dead of a heart attack." And--get this--she actually had the gall to post links to actual scientific research. Pshaw. Whatever nutty, extremist link she provided clearly must have been bunk. Didn't bother to read it.

Slowly, over the course of perhaps a year or so, the topic would come up. Sometimes on LBYM, sometimes on FFF, sometimes on NADA. It seems like every time the topic of low carbing came up, there she was, throwing links left and right. "Fine," I said. "I'll amuse her. I'll actually read this garbage and find the holes in it."

Now, the infuriating thing is that she just plain didn't fight fair. This is the internet after all. Who in the hell posts links to scientific research? Everyone knows that to prove your point, you need to find some extremist website and cite them as gospel. Who did EditorialWe think she was, citing research papers instead of some site that was out to convince us that Hitler mandated that the Jews be fed a high-carb diet, or that high-carb diets would cause you to grow a third eye in your forehead, or other internet message board worthy stuff like that? Everyone knows its unfair to try to pull out facts in a message board argument. Sheez.

Sometime last year, EditorialWe disappeared and a new standard bearer for the cause arose... some Nitpicker person. "This is nice," I thought. "EditorialWe now has a friend on her side." Well, until I realized it was the same person. And of course, she kept up her efforts of fighting with articles and research, and over time, I kept reading more and more of them.

The final straw was a debate on NADA over Thanksgiving. Ahh, yes, I'd been slowly coming to terms that maybe low-carbing wasn't evil incarnate, but surely, it couldn't be good for you.

And I kept reading.

And I finally decided I'd prove her wrong using my own little experiment.

December 1, 2002, I started a low carb diet, having read through all of the Atkins website, and finishing off Protein Power. "Well," I thought, "if there's anything to this, maybe I can unload some of these pounds. But I've dieted before... I know I'll just lose 5-10 pounds, plateau off, and give up since it doesn't seem to be helping."

Well, dammit, now I'm utterly convinced that Nitpicker isn't playing fair. Because not only did she keep posting all these links to research instead of hype like a bad, bad internet message boarder...but somehow, my expectations of low-carbing haven't come true.

I expected to lose 5-10 pounds and have insane cravings for breads and potatos. Instead, I have just hit the 20 pounds lost mark. That I have more energy and no longer have my daily energy crash from about 1-3pm is clearly just a coincidence, too.

Hrrrmph. I'll show her. I'm sure it will be different if I just keep on this diet. Sooner or later I'll stop losing weight... even if it is when I pop out of existence.


PS: In all seriousness, thanks for all the great links over the past year. I was probably as closed-minded to the idea of low-carbing as they come. What I used to see as near religious fervor has dissipated as I keep reading the research that's been linked here, and with the empirical evidence I've seen on myself, I'm a believer in the science behind it. This is the best I've felt in years--my lowest weight in about 3 years, and the most energy I've had in quite a while. So, a special thanks to Nitpicker for all the info she's provided. More than worthy of being added to my faves list.

But really, Nitpicker. You do need to go out and find a good Hitler link for your cause. This is the internet. Get with the program.

--WP, 285/265/225
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