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Subject:  Re: Calvinism here vs. abroad Date:  1/30/2003  12:30 PM
Author:  GoldRushs Number:  229 of 301


Is Calvinism embraced more overseas vs. in the United States?

We honestly don't know . . .we do not think so, for we know of no large Calvinistic churches or movements at present. During our cyberspace experience these last five years, we have learned of only a handful of strong Calvinists. Four of them are from different regions of Australia and the others are in a church in Singapore!

It would seem to me that our emphasis on freedom and the right to do your own thing, which is not shared to the same extent elsewhere, would tend to make people here more hostile to five point Calvinism. Is this true?

Well, the world at large is hostile to Calvinism, for it is the true gospel which will always be opposed by the unregenerate. But we believe what you observe is very true.

Unfortunately, the American people are without understanding of cultures that live under the rule of a sovereign Monarch. The idea of having a King over them is alien. That is why the concept of Godly grace is so underappreciated at large.

The notion of choosing to be a Christian or not, simply by one's own "free" will is deeply embedded. Supposedly, one only needs to "vote" for Jesus, and they are saved. :)

Arminianism has taken over the American churches because it plays to this "democratic" mindset perfectly and is hugely popular because it leaves the autonomous human will intact.

There is little conception of being outside a royal court; dependent totally on a Monarch for life and protection. Being a servant without recognition, unless the King grants royal favor and invites and elevates one from commonality into royalty to enjoy all the riches and power of His rule. There is no conception of being subject to a sovereign will.

Tell someone that their will is in bondage, and that they cannot choose for themselves, and indeed, you run into extreme hostility. Their so-called freedom to choose is their god, and most will fight to the death rather than relinguish it.

Just ~some~ of our thoughts . . .what are your views on this?

BTW, warm welcomes to the board!


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