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Subject:  Re: Breaking a lease Date:  2/9/2003  4:26 PM
Author:  catscanner Number:  168 of 182

My lease contract stipulates a $1500 lease breaking fee, plus return of all rent incentives. The "market rate" rent on the apartment is $990 per month, but we have been getting a $200 incentive per month making the rent $790. The whole "market rate" thing seems like baloney to me - if the market could support a rent of $990, then they wouldn't have had to add "incentives" to get the place rented out.


The lease is a contract. You agreed to the conditions when you signed it. It's unfortunate that they are so stringent, but, It looks like you will have to pay at least the $1500, the $600 "incentive" and future rent while the place it on the market.

The landlord has to make a good faith effort to rent the place after you move. They can't just sit around and not attempt to rent it, otherwise you would have some recourse as far as withholding those rental amounts. But, don't withhold anything initially.

Perhaps I could attempt to get them to let me sublet the place?

Once again, refer to your lease. It probably has a clause about subletting.

Good luck. Have you talked to the landlord about these clauses and what you can do to have them mitigated?

cat (a landlord)
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