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Subject:  Random thoughts Date:  3/5/2003  3:52 PM
Author:  namkato Number:  5363 of 32262

I have been doing Atkins for just over 2 weeks, still in induction (I wasnt't doing it right the first week, still drinking coffee), have lost 7 lbs. I have been aware of Atkins for a long time but not done it because of fear of saturated fats, heart disease, etc. The newer reports have changed my mind. Some random thoughts:

1. People lose weight effectively on low-carb. There has been a lot of study that cutting calories 30% extends life significantly, the major proponent is Prof. Roy Walford, UCLA. Might LC extend life span in much the same way? Good subject for study?

2. The book Lights Out, by T.S. Wiley, is a very strong Atkins supporter. She says that humans evolved to eat carbs only around harvest time, late summer early fall, when the fruit ripened, we are naturally more active then, the days are longer. Maybe it is OK metabolically to eat more carbs for a couple of months without ill effects. Anyone read this book?
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