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Subject:  Re: IRA CONVERSION -Is it worth it? Date:  3/22/2003  2:20 PM
Author:  mawhinney Number:  64618 of 123001

Even though you said "convert," I think you're referring to recharacterizing your 2002 contributions as Roth contributions. Some more information would be helpful:

1. How much total are your IRAs worth?

2. Have you made nondeductible contributions to your traditional IRAs? If so, how much?

3. It sounds like you retired in 2002. Can we assume that your income in 2003 will be less than in 2002?

I'm asking these questions because one option you haven't mentioned is to treat the 2002 contributions as deductible traditional contributions then convert to Roth in 2003.

Our total IRAs are worth a good bit but the only amount we are thinking of recharacterizing is the $7000 ($3500each) we put into a traditional IRA the beginning of 2002. We do