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Subject:  Re: And away I go Date:  4/7/2003  10:46 AM
Author:  Whitsnow Number:  787 of 794

Before that,I was doing fairly well getting 3-4 points using a retracement stratage but got taught my lesson about leaving my computer without a stop in place,twice.-14 total.

Ouch. I always transmit the "crash stop" as soon as I get my fill (I assume you do that too, now ;-))

I'm focusing on retracements and tests. I'm working on an orb strategy (got any good links?). This war market (news) is hard to trade so I'm on the sidelines most of the time. Capital preservation is the name of the game.

I seen your the yahoo-burrow but didnt know if e-minis were aceptable fodder?

I assume they are in the context of the Burrow. I know Db daytrades but he has said he doesn't want the group to become another trading forum.

I've been learning about trading these on another forum elsewhere,if your intrested I'll post a link.


Whoes your broker?
What charting sw ya using?
Hows T

I'm with IB, like most everyone else it seems. I agree, the TWS is a bit unwieldy at first. I used the demo to get used to it and I also use the hotkeys function. For charting, I use the t-VUE program. I didn't want to lay out the $ for another system and it serves my needs for now.

T's good. She is ultra-conservative and is following a strategy of grabbing 2 points a day right now. Probably not a bad thing in a choppy market. I'm a little more daring so I go for the riskier ones sometimes. Been stopped out a lot but overall staying on the plus side. I'm trading small but having a great time doing it.


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