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Subject:  Re: And away I go Date:  4/7/2003  2:23 PM
Author:  spedblavio Number:  789 of 794

Damn, rubok spilled the beans. Now we'll have to come up with a new secret strategy.

Regarding T:

I have a lot of respect and appreciation for her, she has been one of my most important teachers. But I've come to the conclusion that I can't and don't want to trade like her.

She has taught some great principles, but in actual practice there's a lot of discretional element to her trading that is difficult to get across. I have the impression that many of her students do not realize what a delicate balance is involved in the execution of her techniques. There are many small details that work together synergistically, and if you try to bend those details too far the whole thing falls apart. I do believe that it works for her, but I think it's easy to get into trouble or at least get discouraged trying to duplicate it.

Perhaps the main thing I would point out is that she trades with some size. Not huge, but certainly not one contract. To be fair, she has pointed out that someone trading one contract shouldn't be taking all the trades she does, but I don't think that message is present clearly enough, and there is no guidance to speak of about holding on for anything more than a hit & run.

Surely there are many ways to sk