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Subject:  Re: #4 wire trap... welcome aboard Date:  5/2/2003  9:36 PM
Author:  jiml8 Number:  16121 of 38276

This morning on the Neal Boortz radio show, Neal was laughing about that #4 wire and saying that probably the pilot was getting ribbed about it. He then invited navy pilots to call in and explain it to him.

One caller sounded very knowledgeable and claimed to be a test pilot with over 1600 carrier landings, including many in the S3. He says that, although the #3 wire is the desired one, the #4 wire is very frequently the one that the S3 catches because of the glide slope of the S3. It is a clean plane with a high lift wing and tends to get "ground effect" coming over the threshold on the carrier, which flattens out the glide in the last few feet. Because of that, the S3 has spoilers on the top of the wing to kill lift. On the videotape, you can see the spoilers come up as the plane comes over the threshold.

According to this guy, the landing was well done and routine.
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