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Subject:  Medicus 2000 - update 1 Date:  5/6/2003  2:33 AM
Author:  Marxtacy Number:  3029 of 9078

Medicus 2000 - update 1

Out of the box
My Medicus 2000 dual-hinged 5 iron came via FedEx a few days ago. The club is actually pretty well made and the hinges look like they will hold up under a lot of use for a few years. The grip is a fatter than what I have on my irons, but I'll probably get it regripped soon along with my clubs. The club is a little heavier than my 5 iron, but these the differences are not too noticeable and probably don't affect the utility of the club.

The instruction manual is bare-bones, but it does go through each step in the swing and then illustrates what movements will cause the club to break-down. There is a short description of how to tell if the hinges are too tight (or loose) as well as the tool to make the adjustments. The video also goes through each step of swing and illustrates what will cause the club to come unhinged. For each movement a training drill is described to help the golfer with that part of the swing. Davis Love III is in the video, and does a pretty good job. Unfortunately, the club featured in the video is the original Medicus single-hinged 5 iron because they haven't updated the video. It would have been nice if they would have produced a new one.

To the backyard

After watching the video and reading the instruction manual I headed for the backyard with the Medicus and my regular 5 iron. Of course, I was really excited to see if the club would "break" the first time I used it. Indeed, it did. It broke down right where I expected it to...during my backswing when the club is supposed to be parallel to the ground, in line with the target, and the toe pointing to the sky. I had rotated my wrists and was bringing the club behind my body. Indeed, I routinely fade the ball. Instant feedback. So, I started over and went through my swing at half speed - being careful to keep the clubhead on the proper plane - and the clubshaft did not break. I excitedly started a full-speed swing and...WHOOPS!...the club came unhinged almost immediately because I started my takeaway too fast and with my hands instead of my shoulders.

So far, I was impressed with the club. I practiced with it a little while longer and got to where I could make several full swings in a row without braking it. I alternated a few times between the Medicus and my regular 5 iron. I went back inside and made plans to go to the driving range the next evening.


I should take a second to note what my goals are with the Medicus club. On the course and on the range I hit the ball dead straight 40% of the time, fade it 50% of the time, and slice it 10% of the time. The slice has never been wicked, and the ball will still go nearly 200 yards and usually be playable. It isn't a "bannana" slice that goes 125 yards and then curves halfway across the county.

So, my first goal for this year is to hit the ball straight 50% of the time, DRAW it 40% of the time, and deal with a fade or moderate hook 10% of the time. This is really more of an issue with my woods, since I hit my irons straight 90% of the time and fade them 10%. By forcing me to keep the club in front of my body, the Medicus club should help me eliminate the fade, develop a draw, and increase my number of straight shots.

My second goal is to increase my clubhead speed. I went to a golf store last week and hit a few balls in their swing analyzer. Without warming up or stretching, I had an average clubhead speed of 92. I figure I am hitting nearly 100 after I am warm, but I would like to hit 105-107 by the end of the year. Although I am in good health, flexible, and built athletically, I don't hit my clubs nearly as far as I would like. A lot of this has to do with using too much of my arms, releasing the club too early, and not maximizing the momemtum created by uncoiling my torso. I already noticed on my first night with the Medicus that as long as I kept in proper sequence I could make my "uncoil" more aggressive without causing the club to "brea